Monday, May 24, 2010

Follow Me Giveaway! Poll...

We're having a poll. Would you help me determine the best direction to go with this giveaway? The current plan is to draw a follower each time we reach another 25 follower benchmark. This plan is not working well. Many of those drawn have no contact info. and are not responding to winning. It takes a huge amount of my time and blog space to continually redraw.
So the poll:
1. Keep the current plan and not redraw. Only current readers who respond can win.
2. Only readers with contact info. can be chosen.
3. Have a 50% off sale each time we reach the Follow Me milestone. The sale would only be announced on the blog and only run 2 or 3 days. Therefore benefit regular readers. I would give a heads up when we're getting close to the benchmark so you all can watch for it.
Comment here to tell me which option you like best. We'll go with the majority here.
Thank you for following.
Happy Sewing!


  1. Good question.

    I'm a regular reader, but I don't read every day, or even every few days---I follow sooo many blogs and only have so much time. Even if you give a heads-up for a sale, I'm liable to miss it. If you left me a message on your blog, I would probably miss that, too. But then my email is available in my profile---just trying to give you an idea of why you may not be getting responses.

    It is typical for contests to only apply to public followers, so you could specify that.

    What I have seen done: Post the drawing on your blog when you hit your milestone, specifying that to enter, you must already follow. Explain this is something special for your current followers, but that you would love new people to follow you so they can enter next time. For entry, they have to leave a comment on that post---tell them they must leave a way to contact them in their comment if their email is not visible in their profile. This way actual readers will enter. Run it for a week so everybody has a chance, even if they don't read everyday (put a sticky at the top of your blog, reminding them to check it out if they come on a different day).

    Just a thought.

    Or run a sale, as you suggest. It will be my poor luck if I miss it.

  2. For me, the number one is ideal! If the winner don't take time to contact you... sorry for him, but don't redraw.
    I receive your "news" each time you wrote...if I didn't take the time to read it, it is my fault...
    thank you for asking!

  3. I've seen this work well on other blogs.
    Ask for comments on the post (which *must* include contact email) and then draw from those.
    People who want to be in, then make the effort. Those who don't clearly either don't read their followed sites, or aren't interested in the prize [e.g. I have a little boy, so all the girly dresses are cute, but no use to me]


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