Friday, May 14, 2010

About Me: My "First" Design

I'm guessing it's about time to share a bit about me and my design history.
I've been sewing since I was about 5 years old. My mom let me "design" Barbie clothes out of scraps from the clothing she was making for us. It was great practice for later. I'm so thankful. 4-H was also a wonderful environment to practice sewing skills, with my mom's help, of course.
Until my senior year in high school, I always used patterns to sew garments. It was ok, but not as exciting as I wanted it to be. I spent all my studyhall time drawing dresses and looking at magazines in the library. By my senior year in high school I really wanted to be a formal dress designer. I even designed and made my senior prom dress, pictured above. However, I ended up becoming a teacher instead. I loved teaching and sewing. While teaching, I was still sewing. I made many of my clothes and the dresses for my wedding as well as many of my friend's weddings.
Now, as a homeschooling mama, with a thin little girl, I get to design again.
I'm so excited to be a designer again and share this with my children.
You may notice the ruffle from the top of my prom dress on the Miss Leila and the gathered scallops from the skirt on the Savannah Skirt.
Every skill I use now, I learned as a young girl. May I also take this chance to urge you all, sewists or not, to give your children the opportunity to learn this skill. With the internet, you can learn or help them learn anything. Sewing is a skill that can give a child a creative outlet, a livelihood, or the ability to clothe their own children. And, you all know...I'm here to help you/them learn!
Thanks for reading about my first design. Thanks to my mom for teaching me. Because of her, my daughter is now learning to sew and design. One of our upcoming designs is by my daughter and being sewn by her. She told me today, "I don't like the pinning part. Can I use less of them and hold the pattern down while I cut?" The funny part of this is, I rarely use pins anymore, I don't like taking time to pin either. I use silverware for pattern weights.
Happy Sewing!

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