Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: Sequin Headbands soooo easy!

I wanted to use a picture of my daughter modeling this headband. However, in all of the pictures of her wearing it, her hair is hiding it significantly. So, unmodeled it is.
These are so easy and fun to make. They cost as much as $10 in some stores, but are actually less than $2 to make, and even less if you use a coupon or get a deal on the elastic. And, honestly they take all of 5 min. to make.

15" (fits most any size head, even mine) of sequined elastic. We've purchased it at Joann's, Hobby Lobby, and Hancocks. I've even seen it on ebay.
Sewing machine
3" of Ribbon or scrap fabric (optional)

1. With right sides together, to create a circle, sew and then zigzag near the edge, but catching all of the elastic. You may want to repeat to make sure your seam is strong. If you have a serger, you can serge this also.
**Optional ribbon*** Our machine and serger don't really like sewing through the sequins, and I'm afraid of a sequin piece going down into my feed dogs. So, if you're going to do more than one or two, you may want to wrap a piece of ribbon around the area you'll be sewing to encase the seam and sequins. Pin then sew on top of the ribbon/fabric.
I'll add photos to this part later this week. I happen to have two sick children this week, and didn't get this option photographed.
I thought about holding this tute until next week, but decided you may wish to give it ago for Easter.

Follow Me Giveaway Update/Change:
I'm going to make a slight change. We've drawn several times and to date no winner has contacted me. As summing you're all as busy as me, and may not be reading my blog daily to look for a possible winner....
I'm going to announce all upcoming winners within the Tuesday's Tute feature and then give the winner a week to contact me.
Therefore...all of those people who were announced as Follow Me Giveaway winners to date will have until next Tuesday to contact me and name/claim their free pattern. Those winners were: Mindy32671 Gailee PerryJane Jellaan
From this point on only one winner will be drawn (at intervals of 25 added followers), announced, and given a full week to contact me.
Hopefully this will be more fair to readers and winners.
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Happy Sewing!


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