Monday, March 29, 2010

Tuesday's Tute: How to create a Gathered Neckline

This technique was inspired by a top in Boden catalog. This particular top was made with the Fun and Easy Knit Top/Dress e-Pattern in a tunic length. I used an ITY knit for it. I really like to work with ITY knits. They have a nice stretch and silky feel.
Many people have asked me how to do this neckline, and it's amazingly easy, really. When using a knit, you don't even need to finish the edges of the top or gathered piece.

Here is the How to:
1. Cut a long rectange, mine was 2" wide and 2.5 times the circumfrance of the neckline.
2. Gather along each long edge of the rectangle (1/4" from the edge). I used the tension change technique for gathering this.
3. Lay the neckline trim on top of the top (it's easiest to do this before you sew in the sleeves, if you're making the top from scratch). Start the trim just behind the shoulder seam to "hide" it, and lay it so that the gather stitch is just inside the top neckline. You want to make sure the trim gets attached, yet hides the top's raw edge.
4. Sew, with a small (2 x 2) zigzag on top of your outside (closest to the neckline) gathering stitch, all the way around.
5. Now repeat step 4 with the inside gather stitch. This seam will be longer and require more gathered fabric than the outside stitch line, because it's the outter circle circumfrance. It's ok. Move the gathers as you go to look nice.
6. Overlap your trim ends slightly, trim off the excess, and zigzag them down into the gathers.
You can use this technique on sleeve edges, or hem edges. It's also cute on a skirt. Use your imagination!!!!

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Happy Sewing!


  1. Cute top and thanks for the tutorial.

  2. WOW! I visited this site, and thought it was great -- I don't know why I didn't connect the Debbie from the blog with my friend Debbie -- What a creative and beautiful way to express your gifts! Great job! Blessings, Debbye


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