Friday, March 5, 2010

Introducing: Lots of Ruffles Skirt e-Pattern

The Lots of Ruffles Skirt is the perfect skirt for Spring and Summer. It's lots of fun to make with the variety of fabrics and trims you can put together to make this skirt unique to you or your child.
We used knit fabrics for our skirt, but the pattern will work wonderfully with woven fabrics as well. You can even recycle T-shirts into this skirt.
Since my girl is a ruffle loving type, we used a maximum number of ruffles and we coordinated the colors with a ruffled top.
As with most of our patterns the width, length, and number of ruffles are all up to you. We give you the formulas and instructions and in no time at all you've created a sweet little skirt any ruffle loving person would be thrilled to wear.
Happy Sewing!


  1. So adorable! My daughter is only 4, a she's a little on the shorter side. Do you think this pattern would fit her? Thx.

  2. Erin- Yes, it will, as you customize the pieces to the measurements of your daughter. You even get to choose the number of ruffles and their length.


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