Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Follow Me Giveaway

We've started a new giveaway program. When we reach 50 followers, I'll draw from the followers an e-pattern winner. That winner will get to choose a free pattern. From that point I'll draw again each time we reach the next 25 follower mark.
Rules to play:
1. Follow Me (have contact info in your profile or contact info on your blog).
2. When we reach 25 follower milestones (100, 125, 150 etc.) a winner will be drawn from the followers. I'll make a "getting close" post to give everyone a heads up that I'm near the next milestone/draw.
3. I'll do a random draw and post the winner. To win the follower must have a way for me to contact in their profile or blog.
4. The winner will have to respond to the post or contact to name and claim their free pattern.
So tell your friends about would help if they might like to sew, lol.
Happy Sewing!


  1. You patterns are so cute. My granddaughters would love them.

  2. Thanks for following me too! Love all your patterns, they are so cute!!

  3. Hi! Came across your blog via email with your tips for helping youngsters learn to sew. Love your patterns! My granddaughters are also Twiggy-tall and slim, too. Will follow your site to see what you are sewing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I just found your site! I have also just started following you on Twitter! These patterns look really awesome! I'm not good at changing patterns, though. I have tall kiddos, and my darling daughter LOVES layered shirts and old time looking things! Thank you! Blessings!

    Karilyn Putt


  5. Hi I addet as a follower in google network. I was sondering about one thing. I se you directly can bay thing in your blog, What kind of widget is this?

  6. Nefertari- I use Ejunkie as my shopping cart company. Their fees are reasonable.

  7. Hi sounds great I am following you :-) Feel free to stop by our lil place :-)

  8. definitely following you
    wonderful ideas,keep 'em coming

  9. wow o' wow
    what a awesome blog
    definitely a follower

  10. Have always loved your blog and now an added treat of a pattern...Keep up the great work

  11. Fabulous blog!!! I just discovered you and now I'm a follower! Keep up the great work.

  12. supper your patterns


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