Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thinking Spring!

Yes, we're thinking Spring here, even if the snow is up to our knees...really!
Yesterday afternoon I taught this pattern to my neighbor. My daughter has been wanting to make our neighbor girls dresses to match with her. So we took some ChezAmi fabric and made all three girls this cute little dress. We used the Fun and Easy Knit Dress/Top pattern (A-line) and within 2 hours had 2 patterns drafted, and 3 dresses made. I already had my daughter's pattern drafted, so her's was quick to cut. I've made this pattern a few times, so it only takes me about 30 minutes to make this dress, cut to done.
To make this dress A-line, simply take the shirt pattern, measurement for the dress length, and a measurement for the skirt width (we got our measurement from another dress). Lay the pattern on the fabric as directed, mark the length it will be and then mark the width of the skirt bottom. There you have A-line version of the Easy Knit Dress. The construction directions for the shirt will still apply.
Happy Sewing!

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