Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Skirt coming! My Daughter's Design

My little girl loves her patchwork dresses so much that she drew up this skirt, complete with many colors, and asked me to make it. So, the other day a designing friend pitched a scrap contest. The idea is to use only what's on hand and mostly scaps to create something. I decided that it was time to get this skirt going.

So I sat my little girl down with the scrap box and asked her to choose the fabrics and trims she'd like to use for her skirt. Was she ever excited! She (and I) happens to be a SisBoom fan and all of the fabrics she picked are SisBoom fabrics. We have others in the bin, but this is what she asked for. She also picked some ribbon and ric rac, and of course she finally got to put pom poms on something. She's been waiting months for that opportunity.

While she did that, I went to work on calculations. Your big girls will be happy to know that, when completed, this pattern will go up to size 8 (misses). It will take a lot of 5" squares to make a misses size 8, but with a cutting mat and a rotary cutter, the stack and wack method makes cutting quite quick.

We worked together, I cut and did the pinning. She did most of the sewing, from my lap. We're both quite proud of our work together and she LOVES her skirt. twirls very well.


  1. Oh, she has a good eye for design! Love the ric-rac!!

  2. Beautiful skirt, I know my daughter would love it! She wears a size 12 though. When will the pattern be available? Is there any chance of making it up to a girls size 12?

    BTW: I've also posted pics on my blog of the three tiered skirt I made for one of my DD's (I have to make my other DD's yet) you can see it here:

  3. Debbie, I love the skirt. I mentioned you on my site today. It's a mom funny you will get a kick out of! I am going to sew.... I want to sew for Christmas.


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