Sunday, October 4, 2009

SquigglyTwigs Pants and an Ottobre Tunic

Here's my latest work. No model for this one, she was napping...and needed it :).
The tunic is a pattern from Ottobre Magazine. The pattern is written for a zipper closure in the back. I used a button/loop closure instead. That was the only change for this pattern...odd for me to only change one thing. hehe.
It's the first time I've used multiple types of fabric within one garment, besides linings. It has repurposed velour in the yoke, scraps of quiters cotton in the bands/trim, and stretch corduroy (purchased for this) for the floral, and rhinestone buttons from the button box. It has pleats at the bottom of the yoke. They were difficult to get straight and looking good in stretch cord. I wouldn't repeat stretch cord. in this pattern. When you stretch or bend/fold it the white background shows through. It's also hard to get it to lay straight since it stretches. Next time I'll use a fabric with no stretch for this part...cotton, twill, or velveteen would be beautiful.
The pants are SquigglyTwigs made from a repurposed velour dress bought at Goodwill on 1/2 price day. I cut the ruffle from the bottom of the dress and used the hem from the dress for the ruffle hem. The dress back had a seam down the middle. Because of this, the pants were set to have a side seam down one leg, so I sew a fake seam down the fold side of the other leg. Using the exsisting seam was the only way I could get both legs to fit within the fabric I had. I cut one leg from the back of the dress, folded in 1/2 with the seam down the fold and the second leg from the front. Then created the fake side seam on that piece.

This skirt is from a large girls skirt I picked up at Goodwill a couple of year ago. With curly's thin waist it would never fit at the proper length, yet had beautiful glitter detail. So I sewed up it's side slits, and cut it off at the top to make it the correct length. I added a casing and skirt that glitters with the buttons on the top.

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