Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday's Tute: How to add a nearly Anything!

This photo is in the SquigglyTwigs in Action group. Some of my friends have seen it and asked about the pattern. It's the Pretty Peasant Dress. I made it shirt length with longer sleeves. Then added a ruffle to the bottom and sleeves. The pattern has directions for the bottom ruffle, but not the sleeve.
So this is how to add a single layer ruffle to almost anything.....
Ruffles are rectangles that have been made into a circle and gathered, then sewn to the garment.
1. Decide how long your ruffle should be, and add 1/2" for the hem, and 1/4" for the seam to attach it. Call this A.
2. Measure the garment opening (where you are attaching the ruffle). Take that number and multiply by 1.5 (average fullness). This number is the width of your ruffle. Call this B.
3. Cut a rectangle A x B.
4. Press up the hem edge 1/4" and press it up again 1/4" so that the raw edge is folded inside and hidden. 5. Sew a gathering (basting) stitch (longest stitch on your machine) along the top edge of the ruffle piece.
6. With right sides together, match short sides, and sew 1/4" seam, creating a circle.
7. Sew hem.
8. Pull threads on the right side of the fabric to gather up the ruffle to about 2/3 rds it original size.
9. Fit ruffle to garment and arrange ruffles evenly and pin to fit. You may need to pull or let out the ruffle some.
10. Sew it on with a regular length stitch and check to see if it's attached well. Then zigzag to finish the edge and prevent fraying.
That's it.

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