Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ribbons and Bows Jumper: I'm so excited about this one

This little dress is so much fun. It has so many possibilities, also...ribbon, trim, ruffles, banded hemline. And the color combinations of fabric and trims are endless. It can be worn as a sundress or jumper, or even made shorter for a cute little top. The fabric in this version is from a fabric designer I just found....Jennifer Paganelli. You can find her, too, at She designs for Free Spirit Fabrics. You won't find her fabrics at a chain store. You can find them at a quilt shop or online. They cost a bit more than chain store fabrics, but this time, I will say it's worth a few extra bucks. This piece of fabric was in the mail for a couple of days and had very few wrinkles in it when it arrived. And, those wrinkles were gone within a few minutes of unpacking. They are 100% cotton and amazing, not to mention the prints. Oh well, maybe this is just me finally finding out the difference between designer fabrics and "not". I had the pleasure of speaking with Jennifer this week. She's a great lady. When you visit Jennifer's site, make sure you tell her I sent you ;). I told her I'd be spreading the word.
You will see this design up within a couple of weeks. a day or two the A-line skirt will be posted and ready for purchase.
Happy Sewing!!!


  1. ...and the shoes ...perfection....she is a sweetie pie and thanks from the design community for educating the public we appreciate it so much..xoxo Jennifer

  2. I am so looking forward to this jumper. What is the smallest size? My little girl is tiny and only in size 6 months. For jumpers she wears 6-12 months depending on the jumper. I like the jumpers to be full length. Would there be a way to make the jumper without the bow ties on the shoulders? I think she would find a way to undo those. I love the versatility of your patterns.

  3. The smallest size will be 6 mo. You will be able to make it as short (shirt) or as long as you want. The length will be completely up to you. It will have a strap or tie option for the shoulders. If you like the look of ties, but don't want them to become untied, you can sew through the bow (after it's tied) to make it "permanently tied".
    Thank you for the compliment. I love creating clothing. I wanted to be a designer in High School, and even intended that as my college major. It's been 25 years since High School and I'm finally a designer. I guess I'm just a later bloomer, lol.


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