Sunday, March 22, 2009

A little girl needs great prayer!

A little girl named Blessing is in the hospital and has been for more than a week. Her birth country is Liberia. She was adopted last year by a US family. While in Liberia, she drank lye. This is common there. Lye has basically destroyed her esophagus. She was only able to drink her food. At age 3 this is hardly a way to exist. Her family has tried various medical interventions all which can work, but didn't for Blessing.
Therefore, two weeks ago this coming Monday, Blessing had her esosphagus replaced with part of her intestine. The surgery lasted 14 hours...if I remember correctly. It was a long one anyway. She has had one more surgery since then to do a repair.
Her recovery has been quite a rollercoaster. She does well, then spikes fevers. Also, pain management has been quite an issue.
Would you all please share about her so that we can add prayer warriors to her praying army? I pray that very soon she is able to run and play with her siblings, and eat like them, too.
If you want to read more about them their family website is:
Have a great day!!!

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