Monday, February 23, 2009

First Pattern is Coming Soon

SquigglyTwigs first pattern is coming soon. We are almost finished writing the instructions. The patterns are drafted and we'll be taking photos today for the cover.
Our first pattern is Cute and Quick Pants. This pattern is quite versatyle. It can be any length from shorts to full length pants, and even coulottes or gouchos. You can make it with cuffs or ruffles. There is only one pattern piece and two seams, with an elastic waist and simple hem. The basic pant can be cut and sewn in less than 30 min. after measuring. We've had so much fun with this pattern already.

This photo is a picture of the basic pants, used as pjs. Yes, I know the dogs and cats are upside down. He likes to see them and now when he looks down they are right side up to him. It's not the traditional way to use a fabric with pictures on it, but it works for our little guy.

Keep watching for an opportunity to pre-order this pattern at a discount.

We are sooo excited to share this pattern with you just in time for spring and summer.

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